Saturday, January 30, 2010

Week 4 Tally: 1/25-1/31

Tallies are a little early this week, but Saturday and Sunday are "off" days, so ain't nothing new happening... It's the end of my FIRST MONTH of training. Remember where I started?

******WEEKLY TOTALS******
10.1 miles in Run-walk drills (I'm up to 11-minute intervals now)
2.5 hours of Strength work
1.5 miles of walking
45 minutes of Zumba
2 pounds lost this week 
48 days 'til 5K

******JANUARY TOTALS******
34.9 miles in Run-walk drills (in 5.5 hours)

4.2 miles walking
9 hours of Strength work
4.75 hours of extra Cardio
7 pounds lost  total (with some muscle gained, pants still don't fit well)

Went from struggling to run 2 minutes at a time, to running 11 minutes at a time... from a pace of 17-minutes/mile including the walking breaks... now between 11 and 12. Progress.