Monday, January 11, 2010

In My Head I'm Still An Athlete... My Body Doesn't Always Agree

I was really excited to graduate to 2 minutes of straight running today with only 1 minute of walking in between.

I psyched myself up: "It's no big deal. If you can run 1 minute, you can do 2." Yea... not so much.

At 01:45, much huffing and puffing commenced, and the 1 minute of walking was about 30 seconds too short for me to fully catch my breath, or to convince myself I wouldn't fall out during the next 2 minutes of running.

Yet, I tried again. I did have to go back to 1 minute of running with 2 minutes of walking for 2 repetitions (I was dying). So, I ran for a total of 18 minutes and walked a total of 12. It should have been 20 and 10.

I hope tomorrow is easier.

Net Carbs: 63
Weight: -5 lbs
Today's Workout: Run-walk drills for 30 minutes (2.22 miles), 2 min run, 1 min walk; weight-lifting - upper body, lower body, core for 1 hour.

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