Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Avoiding the Apple Pastry

Every Wednesday morning, we have 5 consecutive hours of mandatory lecture (ouch). As a peace offering, trays of bagels, pastries and muffins sit next to coffee containers on a table outside the lecture hall door. I'm not a big baked goods person and the bagels are usually a little too dry for my taste, but the pastry with the apple stuff in the center... heaven.

Of course, this heaven would cost me 2 days worth of carbs.

In preparation of this temptation (or torture, depending on how you look at it), I packed a goodie bag that would keep me so well-stocked that I would never even desire to walk near the table o' carbs.

In my snack bag:

The big news of the day...... I did a treadmill run after lecture and increased today's intervals to 3 minutes running with 1 minute of walking, which means I ran a total of 23 minutes, and walked 7 minutes. No shin cramps, no gasping for air! 

Maybe I really can do this...

Net Carbs: 36 grams (so far)
Weight: woke up late, forgot to weigh myself before I got dressed.

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