Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Breaking The Habit

Today was a workout off day, especially since I've been at work for almost 16 hours so far. That's a workout of its own.

But, today was also my first day back at our main hospital since I started cutting out carbs, training, and writing this blog. It was tough walking through the cafe and the cafeteria, seeing my usual snack culprits and not grabbing them out of habit.

You know... the White Macadamia Nut cookie that goes with my tea, the pastry that goes with my mid-day water break, the fries that are pre-made so I can grab them if I'm really hungry and not have to wait in line. The list goes on...

I walked past all of it today, got my tea and diet Pepsi and snacked on my Atkins Endulge bar. But, I'm not gonna lie -- I definitely looked twice.


  1. Thanks!! I hadn't even thought about it until I started walking toward my favorite snacks... such a habit.