Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sports Bra Hunting

Over the years, I've learned that affordable sports bras are not often constructed for shapely women. The bra is either too tight with resulting spillage from the top... or the bra fits the twins, but is too loose around the bottom making a huge gap where they can fall in and get stuck. Or even worse, the bra fits, but provides less control than a regular bra.

I went on a hunt recently for a device to tie the twins down with all this new running I'm doing. The salesgirl gave me a strange look as I explained my shapely girl woes (see above). She suggested I check out the Champion line, and if not, to try Lane Bryant (??).

Of course, the Champion sports bras only went up to a C-cup. But, I have been stuffing the girls into the Champion C9 Sports Bra for a week and it is way more comfortable than any of the five other sports bras I own. Oh, how did I forget? And it was only $16.99 -- So, two thumbs up for Champion!


  1. I've had good luck with Champion...but due to size I end up paying upwards of $40 for one :( Honestly, I think Champion is the only brand that has ever worked for me.

  2. Good Blog...I purchased the enell sports bra and it is amazing. Expensive but lasts for years if you hang or lie flat to dry and avoid the dryer. works great for DD and DDD

  3. Barby, Thanks for the Enell suggestion! I'm on the site now and I feel like someone has heard my prayers (or complaints)!