Friday, January 22, 2010

Rough Workout

Today's workout was rough. I don't know what happened this week, but I have been so tired, and un-motivated to run or workout. I had to drag myself to the gym today, after falling asleep when I was supposed to be working on a presentation. I think I've napped every day this week so far!

I repeated the 6 minutes running, with 1 minute of walking in between, but at 21 minutes, I just didn't want to run anymore. I was tired, my left hip felt like it was tightening up, and I didn't want to miss my muscle challenge class which was starting.

Then, I thought about you guys. And how I would feel having to blog that I only ran for 21 minutes for no real good reason other than lack of motivation. So, after taking a long walking break (to 23 minutes), I ran again for another 6 minutes.

Muscle challenge was also hard. Legwork after running/walking for 30 minutes was difficult, but the hardest for me was the core work. Squats, lunges, inner/outer thigh stuff, all fine. Upper body, great (as usual). But, I kept having to stop or modify almost all of my core work.

I felt guilty about cutting the running short by 2 minutes, so I stayed for the Zumba (Latin Fitness) class afterwards. But, I did treat myself -- a pedicure with foot massage -- as soon as I left the gym.

Net Carbs: 20 grams
Days 'Til 5K: 56
Workout: 29 minutes of running-walking; Muscle Challenge class; Zumba fitness class

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  1. way to keep going, I'm sure the zunba class made up for the two minutes.