Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Poor Teeth

We've all heard how important dental health is to keeping our hearts healthy, yet for some reason, the dentist is the last appointment I remember to make, if I ever do. I probably floss once every few months. And I have a habit of ignoring random tooth pain until I can't anymore. 

Today, I got off work at 7am and spent my hard-earned napping hours at the dentist for a down and dirty cleaning (i.e., scraping), and addressing a cracked tooth I unsuccessfully tried to forget about.

I had a really nice hygienist that got me to thinking -- I'm doing all this dieting, working out and running so I can be fit and heart healthy going into 30, yet I'm not doing basic things that can also keep my heart healthy -- like flossing. 

So, this year, despite my absolute aversion to flossing, I'm going to try to fit it into my routine. My poor teeth and my aging heart deserves at least that. I'm adding "flossing once a day" to my list of health and fitness goals  (I know it's supposed to be twice, but let's be realistic here). Let's see how it goes...

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