Monday, January 25, 2010

Singing (and Running) in the Rain

I've been dying on the treadmill lately. So, I prayed for warmer weather in an effort to get out on the road. Well it came today -- a 55-degree day in the midst of 20- and 30-degree days. But, with it came a rainstorm and some mean and gloomy clouds.

Saturday was actually a sunny 45-degree day, but I missed the chance to run in it because it was my off day. I found out when I left for work at 2 pm, cursing the fact that this was the 3rd time a gorgeous day fell on my workout "off" day. The nice weather will not escape me again!

Run Summary
The run went just okay. It was humbling for sure.

I walked down the incline to warm up (about 10 minutes), then started my intervals. I was supposed to run for a consecutive 8 minutes, but I hit my first hill at 4 minutes. I haven't been doing inclines or hills on the treadmill, so this killed. Legs felt heavy, out of breath, feeling like I was moving in SLO-MO. I only made it to 6 minutes for fear that I'd mess up the entire 30-minute run by pushing too much.

I walked it off, then sprinted for a minute up the second hill. Again, killer! Once I got on level ground, I ran 8 minutes without a problem. The second 2 hills were mostly downhill.

But, what happens when you reverse the route that has downhills? UPhills! I only made it 4 minutes then 1 minute up hills 4 and 3 on the return route.

My Thoughts
I'm proud of myself for running the same route as 2 weeks ago and getting farther than the first time I tried. Yet, I'm disappointed that the hills got in the way of me running 8 consecutive minutes. In total, my run-walk drills lasted 32 minutes (23 was running, 9 was walking). Then, I walked the rest of the way back home which was 1.5 miles -- including walking back up that crazy incline to the house.

In total I ran and walked 4.6 miles today in under an hour, in the rain. My MP3 player died with about 3/4 of a mile left to walk, but I kept SINGING (yes, aloud). Oh -- the best part... after getting completely drenched from head to toe, the sun came out just as I finished. Go figure...

I'm also proud that I found it in me to head to the gym for my weight lifting class right after. I completed all of the reps without having to stop or modify the movements. It was a good strength day!

Lastly -- I tried a new Atkins Endulge Bar today: Caramel Nut Chew Bar. De-li-cious. So happy I'm giving them a second look.

Net Carbs: 24 grams
Workout: Run (see above), and an hour of weight lifting
Days 'Til 5K: 53
Breakfast: Atkins Shake, 3-egg omelet with spinach and Turkey Kielbasa, Atkins Endulge Bar
Lunch: (slept through) Atkins bar with 18 grams of Protein -- after the run
Dinner: Turkey Burgers with cheese and pickles wrapped in low-carb tortillas, Steamed broccoli and carrots


  1. You did great today glad you went out, it will take time to get use to those hills, one thing I would not recommend is to sprint up one and definitely not during a race it will take too much out of you. I hope you get more time on the road, lets keep our fingers crossed for great weather.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! We could meet in CT sometime. We usually meet up at the New Haven Road Race in Sept. Its a 20K and a 5K. Come!

  3. Dawn, I didn't WANT to sprint it but I otherwise felt like I wasn't making any ground getting up it (almost felt like I was running in place!! ha!).

    Beth, I will keep my eyes open for that 5K. I'd love to do something local in the fall.