Thursday, January 21, 2010

Running and the Dentist

I spent another morning at the dentist. This time, to get the first step toward a crown for the tooth I cracked. It took at least 4 different needles  (I actually lost count) to finally get my bottom teeth numb. I've been pooped all day after gripping my hands in anxiety, bearing the few times I felt pain, and handling the pain I've had all day since.

But, I learned from Tuesday and got my rump out of bed this afternoon and to the gym.

I had another best today - 2.55 miles. I ran 6 minutes, walked 1, ran 6, walked 1, ran 7, walked 1 then ran 7!! That's the longest I've run since training. I wasn't supposed to run 7's today but I lost track of the time (which is a great sign!).

Net Carbs: 10 grams (Could only drink liquids with the numb lip earlier, but I have "date night" with hubby in 10 minutes, so I might be adding to my total).
Workout: Just running today.

1 comment:

  1. I *hate* going to the dentist! I hope everything feels better soon.

    Awesome job with the run! Losing track of time IS a good thing!