Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Run to Keep From Crying

Yesterday was the only Monday I haven't run since I started on January 4th (also a Monday). Since then, my best or longest runs have usually occurred on Mondays -- even if I run the day before. But, this particular Monday, I was pooped.

I did make up for it today. Instead of running 28 minutes, walking for 1, then running for 1 (to equal 30 minutes), I felt inspired to run the whole 5K distance straight through. At the halfway point, I got bored and started bargaining with myself... I didn't sleep well, I had just eaten a little snack 45 minutes before which sat in my belly like a brick... it's okay to stop. But, I didn't stop.

In hindsight, I think I needed that run. Not just for my body, but my mind.

You know how people say, laugh to keep from crying. I think I'm running to keep from crying. I sweat like a pig as soon as my right foot hits the conveyor belt. So, maybe I sweat so much that there are simply no tears left to cry. Yup... RUN to keep from crying.

The past seven days have been rough between my work schedule, family stuff, and general life mayhem. Running and working out is great, but it also takes up more time that I don't have, making me feel even more out-of-control sometimes. Although, who am I fooling? I was playing catchup way before I starting running.

That being said, cutting today's run short, or skipping it altogether probably would have made me feel worse. I wouldn't be able to pat myself on the back for running 3.1 miles straight without walking for the first time since high school. I wouldn't have the endorphin boost. I wouldn't have accomplished something today, something I could control.

So, until things get better, I shall keep running.

Net Carbs: 40 grams
Workout: Running
Days 'Til 5K: 24


  1. Great job on the 5K! I know it's hard to fit running into busy schedules, but it also helps you get through all the other stuff. The confidence you gained from your awesome run will give you a boost in all areas of life. Great job!

  2. oh, I hear ya on trying to fit workouts/running into our schedule. especially when just one variable is off ie, kids are sick, work runs late, you feel sick, ect, etc
    nice job on the run

  3. Nice job on the 5k! Running is tough to wedge in lots of times but I never regret doing it.