Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week 7 Tally: 2/15-2/21

This is my tally for week 7, including today's run of  2.74 miles in 30 minutes. I ran 27 minutes straight (which worked out to be 2.5 miles), walked for 1 minute and finished up with 2 more minutes of running.

Only one more week left of this running program before I'm running 3.1 miles straight!

I didn't get much sleep today before my run, and from minute 10 to 16 I started to fatigue. But, just like previous runs after minute 16, a second wind kicked in and it felt good. 

Time for a hot, Eucalyptus soak before work!

12.4 miles in Run-walk drills 
(131 minutes running, 4 walking)
2 hours of Strength work
10 pounds lost total 
(Of 22-27... none lost this week)
26 days 'til my first 5K


  1. you are amost officilly to 5k distance, isn't is crazy exciting!! I loved all of those firsts and they are what keeps me coming back

  2. Good job girl! I love that feeling once the miles start adding up. Keep it up :)

  3. nice job this week you are doing great nice run they will get longer

  4. eucalyptus soak! i want that! our bathtub unfortunately i think was built in the early 1900's when the average ht of a ps was 4.5 ft!;-)

  5. way to go! you are the queen of consistency and determination :)