Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My First Injury?

Even though I got off at midnight last night, I still got up this morning for my 9am muscle challenge class followed by 30 minutes of running. I usually like to run first (while I still have all of my energy), but I was not getting up any earlier than I did.

I got up to 13 minutes of consecutive running today. The first minute or so, my left ankle felt a little stiff (it did that yesterday too), but it loosened up just fine without any pain. However, when I was stretching, I noticed that when I touched the outside of my ankle, it was tender. I massaged that ankle while I soaked it in the jacuzzi, and it felt better.

I wonder when I hurt it - if it's from poor form, or maybe when I lost my balance doing lunges last week.

Running itself went okay. I got tired around minute 11 during the second interval, but I kept going.

Ok... time to go back to work (noon to midnight again)! Tomorrow is my (work AND workout) off day. YEY!

Net Carbs: 26 grams
Days 'Til 5K: 45


  1. Only hurts when you touch it? I had a similar thing with my lower leg/ankle area - hurt to touch or if my son sat on it. Not sure what it was as it didnt hurt when I ran - but I took it easy for a couple weeks (aka No hills or speed work) and it seemed to go away. G'luck!

  2. Yea, only on the outside, just above the lateral malleolus. I think I figured it out (see today's post). I was impressed by the swelling at the end of the night though. I hope I can do tomorrow's run.