Monday, February 8, 2010

I Finally Ran...

...3 miles today!

So you guys know I've been nursing this ankle "injury" that came out of nowhere. I hadn't run on it since Thursday, to give it time to rest. I did, however, do some running in place and toe raises at home to test it out.

Well, I finally tried treadmill running this morning before work. At first, I felt the twinges again (which have now moved down to the lower part of the tendon near the side of my foot), but it loosened up and the twinges went away.

The plan was to do the 15 minute run, 1 minute walk, 14 minute run interval.

I did run for 15 minutes @5.2mph. But, during the second interval, I felt so good by minute 14 that I kept going -- I wanted to see how far I could run before I got out of breath (or make it to 3 miles, whichever came first). It felt really good, and next thing ya' know, I had run 3.02 miles in 35:30, including my 1-minute walking break.

It's still slow, but I did it!

I still think I'm going to go back to doing my interval training, but it feels good to know that if today had been race day, I at least could have finished.

Net Carbs: 20 grams (mostly in carrots - lunch AND dinner!)
Workout: Running.
Days 'Til 5K: 39 days


  1. outstanding you are on your way 38 days to go isn't wonderful to know you will accomplish your goal.

  2. Yes it is! Thanks for the encouragement DawnB!

  3. glad you were able to run! hope the ankle is feeling ok today. give it some extra pampering - elevate, ice, etc.