Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Swollen Ankle Report

Remember yesterday I mentioned how my ankle hurt when I touched it, but not so much when I ran on it?

Well, it didn't really bother me the rest of the day. After I left the gym, I worked a 12-hour shift on my feet and by the time I got home, I told hubby my ankle felt swollen, but I still thought it was okay (I obviously hadn't really looked down).

He looked first and alerted me to the fact that something was obviously wrong.

This is a picture of my ankles last night. I chopped off my toes to spare you guys the horror. But, I think you get a sense of how swollen the left ankle was.

Finally out of denial, I soaked in a hot bath, then iced the ankle, wrapped it and elevated it while I slept and voila -- this morning I have creases in my ankles again.

One of my doctor buds and I figured out that it's probably an inflammation of one of my peroneus tendons.

Today was my day off anyway, so tonight I'll do another hot soak followed by icing and elevating (freezing water inside Dixie cups works great to ice injuries). But, the plan is to stick with my training schedule and run 14-minute intervals tomorrow.

By the way -- Two thumbs up for the new Panera Mediterranean Salmon salad! Without the olives, and using balsamic instead of the tangerine dressing, it was only 20 NET grams of carbs.

Net Carbs: 31 grams
Days 'Til 5K: 44

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