Saturday, February 13, 2010

Guilt & Running Dreams

I worked until 2am last night, but I set my alarm for 7:10am just in case I felt rested enough to run at 8am with the New Haven Runners Meetup Group for the first time.

Once 7:10am actually came, I hit snooze and then proceeded to dream that the New Haven Runners (who do not know me, and whom I have never met in real life) called me to find out why I didn't show up.

I eventually got up around 1pm (after 9 hours of snoozing) and with my dream guilt, found my way to the gym for my run.

Today was the 19 minute run, 1 walk, 10 minute run day. I increased my speed again. Today, I went up to 5.6 mph (or 10:42/mile). My ankle hurt during the first 10 minutes, then loosened up. Every time I thought I might not finish, I listened to my body and realized I wasn't as tired as I thought. I was just a few steps below winded, but it was sustainable.

The 10-minute run was difficult. I was a little more out of breath. I made it to the half-way mark just fine, but the last 5 minutes I definitely had to keep pepping myself up... "Just one more minute... ok now two..."

I ran a total of 2.75 miles in 30:00.

Net Carbs: 15 grams (so far)
Workout: Running.
Days 'Til 5K: 34


  1. Great job on your treadmill run! Don't worry too much about sleeping past your run... your body probably needed the sleep. :)

  2. Sometimes I think I do more damage in the long run for myself by waking up early to work out when I haven't gotten enough sleep. Good for you that you slept in! 9 hours of snoozing sounds like heaven!