Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Me, Tae Bo and the Snow

In anticipation of 12" of snow, the public schools closed down and so did my gym. If you recall from this week's schedule, I was scheduled to do Group Kick and Zumba classes today.

So, I did some searching on You Tube and found a 1-hour advanced Tae Bo series. I'd never done Tae Bo before. The video was a little blurry, and the sound didn't always match the video, but I managed, and broke quite a sweat. Halfway through I opened up the sliding door (yes, while a blizzard was going on outside) so I wouldn't die of heat stroke.

Who knew B. Blanks was so inspirational? He kept cheering me on and telling me to ask my higher power for the strength to continue with the workout. That's how you know a workout is kicking your tush -- when the instructor tells you to pray for strength!

Then, I let a 4-year-old persuade me to play in the snow WHILE it was still snowing... I guess this was my substitute for Zumba. First, I ran up and down the hills trying to keep him and his sled from crashing into the trees. Then, I ran to save myself from his snowballs. It's funny how kids (and the adults who play with them) get a workout from just having fun -- no gym, no treadmills.

Me with the snowman we made. He needs some work.

On a happy note, I've finally budged from the 6- and 7-pound weight loss marks I've been oscillating between for 2+ weeks... today I finally weigh 8 pounds less! Only 19 more to go...

Net Carbs: 29 grams
Workout: Tae Bo, then fun in the snow.
Days Til 5K: 37


  1. Billy has kicked my butt a time or two, so I know how you feel. I wanted to tell you that I think you are doing great and I am really enjoying your blog. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks so much! I woke up to sore gluts today!! Please visit again. I added your blog to my Google Reader as well. Good luck on next month's race.

  3. congrats on dropping a couple more pounds!

    for a blizzard, that snowman does need some help :)

  4. Hey Hey... I'm sensitive about my snowman making! :-)