Thursday, July 22, 2010

4 Days 'Til 30.... Bienvenidos a Cancun!

**Now that my countdown to 30 has officially begun, I've decided to do something extra special every day until I turn 30.**

I am in MEXICO! I was completely knocked out on my 9:40am flight to Cancun and according to my cousin's boyfriend, my mouth was wide open and I was leaning on the lady next to me (sorry Ma'am, but you never said anything). This is likely due to being awake for 38 hours from Tuesday into Wednesday. But, nonetheless, I am here, in one piece, and ready to relax.

Me, newly arrived, in the lobby with my aunts and little cousin:
So yes... this means I will be spending the last 4 days of my 20's staring out at clear blue water, sipping fruity drinks poolside with my friend, Rashonda and my dad's side of the family. I can't wait. Check out the view from my balcony:
Oh yea -- how could I forget... we're all here for a wedding! The view must have distracted me. A pic of the soon-to-be wed at tonight's welcome dinner.
And me in my Cancun-inspired welcome dinner attire (with the new summer-y hair)

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