Tuesday, July 13, 2010

13 Days 'Til 30... Kicking Up My Heels

 **Now that my countdown to 30 has officially begun, I've decided to do something extra special every day until I turn 30.**

My special something was an activity I haven't participated in for almost six years. Any guesses? Okay, I'll give you some hints.

Okay, I'll give you another:
I'm sure it's now obvious that I took dance classes today. I took a tap class followed by a ballet class. 

I used to be a dancer... I danced for 13+ years, through college and part of medical school, but I haven't danced since I became pregnant with my son. I miss that part of me, the creative side, moving to music, getting a good workout.

My ideal fitness regimen would actually include dancing a few times a week, and weight lifting. Unfortunately there are no adult dance classes in New Haven, so I finally expanded my search to Hartford (40 minutes away) and I'm glad I did.

Running is good, but I don't think I'm a run-3-times-a-week kind of person. Maybe once a week, or every other week. It was initially a challenge and helped me drop nearly 20 pounds. But, I am losing interest. I want to run when I feel like it, not forcing myself to run to stay on a training schedule. And in all honestly, I'd prefer to dance than most other things.

The beginner/intermediate tap class was good. The moves came back to me after a while and I felt coordinated. Ballet on the other hand was ROUGH. I held my own, but the moves didn't come as naturally. It's actually be more than 10 years since I took a true ballet class, though. My legs were stronger than I expected, thanks to running. But, both classes were a workout. By the time I reached home, my ankle and hips/quads were stiff.

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