Sunday, July 11, 2010

15 Days 'Til 30... Good Convo & A (Kids) Movie

**Now that my countdown to 30 has officially begun, I've decided to do something extra special every day until I turn 30.**

I had great grown-up conversation today while the kids swam in the pool with my good friend Chakia who I've known since I was 7, but haven't seen in a few years.

My kiddo also surprised me by being able to swim. He just finished his second week in swim camp and let me tell you -- despite what he believed, he could NOT swim before he started camp. He did a lot of splashing, but no swimming. Now look at him!

We started to get rained on, but the kids decided to keep swimming, so we threw towels on our heads and kept the conversation going. That is, until we heard thunder and everyone scattered.

Next, I met up with Kenye to take the kids to see "Despicable Me." It was really funny. I actually laughed at least 10 times. Not the "oh, that's cute," laugh, but true laughter. I didn't expect it to be that good.

As an aside -- spending so much time at home has been great. It's nice to spend time with lifelong friends who remember me back when I was happy, who have known me through all the of my phases of life - flaws and all - and still love me anyway. They are also amazing people who teach me a lot and inspire me to be a better person, which is one of my main goals this year anyway. I haven't spent this much free time back in NJ in over 3 years.

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  1. I haven't been posting much, I like your count down and all the special things you are doing wonderful idea!! and if I miss your birthday I hope you have a very happy birthday clebration