Monday, March 15, 2010

Sports Bra Hunting - part 2

Enell sports bra 34D (label 0)/BlackYou remember my sports bra woes. Well, one friend posted on the blog about Enell Sports Bras for full-figured women. I checked it out, got my measurements and ordered one. It finally came in the mail last week.

I bought the black one so it wouldn't look so much like a regular bra poking through my running shirts.

I must say -- the bra fits very snugly. The girls don't move ANYwhere with this bra on. I actually had to unsnap the bottom two clasps because I couldn't take deep breaths and it was poking into my rib cage. Once I did that, it fit fine. The girls didn't move anywhere when I ran. And my silhouette still looks nice underneath my tank tops - not just flattened down as if I duct taped myself.

Two thumbs up for Enell.


  1. is that you modeling the bra??;-)
    glad you found a perfect fit!;-)

  2. glad you found a good fit! i am fortunate to fit into 'regular' sports bras so i haven't had to deal with the hunt for a good one - i imagine it's no fun. :-/ i also heard good things about kalyx ?

  3. Ha ha! Yes that's me. I lost some of my tan!