Friday, March 12, 2010

A Motivated 4 Miles

I am a motivated lady today. Given my slacking off the past two weeks, I feel like I have to make up that time this week.

After working from 11pm to 8 o'clock this morning, I went home, changed into my running gear, dropped the kiddo off at school and went back to the gym. Yes -- this technically qualifies as two runs in one day since right after last night's run (and Group Power class) I went to work, with no sleep in between. I was doubting my plan as my eyes blinked a little too long at the traffic light on the way there. I assumed the run would stink just off of sheer fatigue. Boy I was wrong.

Today's run was like night and day compared to last night's run.

I ran 4 miles total - the longest I've ever run! The plan was to do a 3-mile Tempo run... 1 mile @ my usual 5.6mph, 1 mile @ 5.8mph, and 1 mile @ 5.6mph again. That was my only goal. I met that... then my new goal was to run for 35 minutes... then it was to run to 4 miles.

I felt so good, I just wanted to keep going. My knees felt achy, but no sharp pains. So, I pushed it to the full 4 miles. The faster speed definitely tired me out, but not so much that I had to stop and walk.

So, why was today's run so different? It's not like I was well-rested. My thoughts:

1.  I ate about 20 grams of carbs (Dunkin' Donuts breakfast) 3 hours before my run (versus fasting all day and trying to run without fuel)
2.  I started hydrating 5 hours before my run and stopped an hour before
3.  I wore short breathable shorts (not the long, black yoga pants from last night)
4.  The air was cooler in the gym with less people around (I tend to overheat easily while running)

Days Til 5K: 8