Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Shopping & My Last Full Run

Today was my last day off before the girl's trip to Phoenix, so I had to buy a running outfit (see pic), and a few pieces -- a tee shirt, a dress for going out dancing, and a pair of jeans.

Let's talk about these jeans. They were in the juniors section and were "skinny" sizes. After getting into a size 4 dress last week, it hurt my feelings to have to buy a size 11 skinny! Sigh... It's okay though. Everything else I bough was in the normal range (small or medium). The audacity!

This would hurt my feelings more if I wasn't so close (6-11 pounds) to my weight goal.

So, I was a big dud this weekend. After my highly motivated 4-mile run, I didn't do Saturday's or Sunday's workouts. I drove to and from Jersey twice this weekend. Saturday morning, there was a typhoon, and I got back to CT late for work which also meant too late to go to the gym.

I got off at midnight on Saturday and went to have drinks with a co-worker (which I haven't done in years), and by the time we got home and the clocks jumped forward it was 5am! Needless to say, Sunday's run didn't happen either.

Today I DID run, however. I ran 3.1 miles in 33:12 (I sped up the last minute to 5.8mph). I did it without my headphones and without my inhaler -- I wasn't experimenting, I just forgot to bring them. In some ways, it was good practice for me to run without the distraction, although I still intermittently watched the muted television as I ran. This was my last time running the full distance before the race on Saturday... I think I'm getting nervous!

Workout: Run, see above.
Days Til 5K: 4
Net Carbs: 73 grams (I grazed all day... 1/2 Dunkin' Hash Browns, 1/2 bag of chips at Panera, couple of skittles, fruit cup, egg&cheese wrap, salad...)


  1. Cute outfit! And what IS up with size 11?? No freaking way you are an 11 skinny or otherwise. Good luck and have a blast at your race!

  2. Yea, size 11 was bonkers. Thanks for the well wishes.

  3. you're picture looks like the one i took today w/my iphone, but for a tri outfit. but mines not nearly as cute...and i ended up not buying the stuff;-) yours is cute!

  4. Have lots of fun on your trip. Cute running outfit.

  5. have a great race you will do great you have worked hard for this. Most of all have fun. Looking forward to the race report

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