Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hills and Mountains

Due to a family emergency, I haven't been able to post for a few days. The last time I ran was Monday, just before I got the call.

Monday was my (treadmill) hill day. I ran at 1% then 2% then 3% incline for 15 minutes. I walked for 3 minutes, then ran at my usual 0% incline at 5.6 for the remaining 19.

I am certainly humbled by the treadmill's incline feature. When I got to 2% I felt like I was gonna slide off the back of the treadmill! By 3%, I was huffing, puffing and sweating so badly, I just knew I wasn't going to make it to 4%. My heart rate got up to 187.

The plan was to get up to 4% then back my way down to 3%, then 2%, then 1% for a total of 3 miles. Yea right... At least I made it half-way. Not bad for my first hill day.

I'm still with my family in NJ, so not sure when my next run will be. I packed my running sneaks, but failed to toss in anything else to run in (sweats, sports bra, etc.).

Net Carbs: 50 grams
Workout: Off since Monday
Days Til 5K: 16


  1. Ah yes those inclines can be a challenge. Hills and I never really got along. Hope your family stuff shakes out ok.

  2. Great job on the incline! It kills me too but it's a good prep for running outside. I hope all is well with your family!