Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vacation in Florida

I bailed on my 10-mile goal last week. I was faced with the choice between running 5 miles or getting myself together before leaving for a wedding in Chattanooga followed by 8 days in Florida. I chose the latter.

That also means I haven't worked out since my last post 6 days ago. I do plan to be active with the kiddo - running around and swimming - so hopefully that will count for something. But, I don't belong to a national gym anymore, and it's just me and the kiddo here, so working out this week will be a challenge. We'll see.

I do plan to watch what I'm eating, but I'm on vacation, so I'm not going to make myself miserable trying to limit carbs. Let's hope I don't gain while I'm down here.

Today, we're going to go to the park and his favorite amusement center here. Then, tomorrow we're going to Disney! Woo hoo! Neither of us have ever been, so this will be fun. The sun is calling me. More later...

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