Wednesday, April 7, 2010

2-week plan (Weeks 14 & 15)

I have been so incredibly busy lately. I spent April 1st through 4th in Chicago exhibiting at the Student National Medical Association Conference. I didn't end up running in the 5K this past weekend because my cousin's knee was giving him trouble and I wasn't prepared to take the hike out to Palatine on my own. So, I spent Easter weekend relaxing with old friends and making new ones instead.

This week (4/5-4/11), the plan is to:
* Run 6 miles with at least one strength day

I'm probably going to run 3.1 miles and lift weights on Thursday, with back-to-back Zumba/Core/Muscle Challenge classes at the gym on Friday. Then, Saturday is my next race, which puts me at 6.2 miles total.

Next week (4/12-4/18), the plan is to:
* Run 10 miles
* Lift weights twice

I've also decided to get back onto a training plan. Starting May, I'm beginning the Hal Higdon novice 10K training program followed by the 10K intermediate program. That will put me right at the 10K in August.

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  1. training plans rock! i so need the structure and focus. glad you have one;-)