Friday, April 9, 2010

It's Nice To See Improvement

Today was my ~3 hour gym day.

The Zumba class was first (I'm still humming the tunes from that class while I'm here at work). I hadn't been to the class in months, and it was surprisingly not as as fun as it used to be. This may just be a reflection of the weird mood I've been in lately rather than a criticism of the class. But, the great thing about today was that Zumba used to make me winded and sweaty 15 minutes in. I held my own today. I guess it's a testament to my fitness level as compared to February and March.

Another teacher taught both the core strength and muscle challenge class. As you guys know, I like my weight lifting plain. No jumping or cardio mixed in. I barely like to break a sweat. And the last time I took her muscle class I heard other classmates referring to her as either "homicidal" or "maniac." But, because of my schedule I couldn't make either of the barbell classes this week. So, I convinced myself to go, and I held my own in her class too.

Overall, it was a good workout day. I could have done without the rain and gloom though.

I'm just leaving work now (10:40pm), then it's back home for some ZZZ's, and an early start tomorrow (6am) in order to drive to Jersey City for the race. I'm excited, even though I have to be back at work in CT by 4pm tomorrow, because my family and close friends are all coming out to either run the 5K, walk in the 3K or run in the kid's sprints.

Look for tomorrow's race report!

40 grams Net Carbs
Workout: Zumba, Core, Strength

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  1. hope the race went well nice to have the whole family participate