Monday, April 12, 2010

The Busy-ness Continues...

Exhaustion. Why??

My last 8 days...
Monday: 10-hour workday
Tuesday: Training and meetings before 10-hour workday
Wednesday: 5 hours of lecture, then 9-hour workday
Thursday: Ran, worked on projects, kiddo's 5th bday @ Chuck E. Cheese
Friday: ~3 hours in the gym, 9-hour workday
Saturday: Drove to NJ, ran 5K, drove back to CT, then 10-hour workday
Sunday: 9-hour workday, drove back to NJ to get the kiddo
Monday: Drove back to CT, worked on research project, picked up kiddo, gym

Exhaustion led to me falling asleep on my research project today, waking up late to pick up the kiddo which means I missed the chance to run 3-4 miles before my Group Power (barbell) class.

I almost convinced myself to just skip it altogether, that I needed the sleep more, but I brought my gym bag anyway, and once the sun hit me I was much more motivated. I also reminded myself that there's no way I can meet my goal this week of running 10 miles and weight lifting twice if I skipped today. I'm going out of town on Friday, so I only have 4 days to squeeze it all in.

I went heavier than usual today, and it felt good. I'm getting stronger. I also ran 1 mile at 10:00/mile pace (6mph). Trying to run after doing 15+ minutes of lunges and squats with 37+ lbs on my shoulders was a bad idea. So, I stopped before I hurt myself. I have 3 more days to run 9 miles. I'll be OK.

41 Days 'Til Next 5k
111 grams Net Carbs (yea I overdid it... although only 1620 calories... I've been ravenous since the race, probably the sleep deprivation.)

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